Hyacinth garden

Stay here in ocean's of art and untamed passion.

Vibrant winds that blow in from the sea.

Hear the waves breaking on the shore.

Tumbled wakes sound like the laughter of spirited mermaids.

These are wonderful dreams.

Like moonlit frangipani, stay with her azure treasure.

Stay with her nightly recurring, among scented seas.

Stay with her have the patience of dolphins tending a calf.

Stay with her elements serenely mounted.

Stay with her give her pillows of surf.

Stay with her rush her not.

As if you know what tomorrow will tell.

Stay, and enhance the night for her star by star.

Stay with her until the dawn calls to you rightfully.

There are no others but the two of you.

So take her gently to desire.

And stay until she must leave.

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Fiona Williamson's picture

It's flawless. I love it. I say that about most of your poems but I love this one most of all. For now, anyway. ;)