can’t get over you

Hyacinth garden

Again, I’m listening to that love song

The one where his love for her went wrong

Got to throw my radio out the window

No need for me to feel this low

This feeling I feel has gone on for too long

still the same, I can’t get over you

I am going throw away my cell phone

I swear I’ll take my name off line

I’ll do anything to get over you

I have to try to make it through

I am going do whatever I have to do

still the same, I can’t get over you

When I call out your name

I am the only one left to blame

I lie awake alone too many nights

See my bloodshot stare, I’m just a heartbroken fool

When I do sleep the bad dreams keep me in shame

still the same, I can’t get over you

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Average Black Girl's picture

Dylan - great write. I've been here before, as have we all. This reminds me of the great Frankie Beverly and Maze song.

teresa_r's picture

Hello Dylan
I have being through this
and your comment on my poem helped
me and 2 years later my guy came back and
we are talking again.