to be broken

Hyacinth garden

I recognized the feeling to be less than reality

It's not what was inside you but what is inside of me

I feel the enchanted wind eternally

I tried my hardest to remain free

those stars and the night

they all saw with their own eyes

they chose to see me in the dark without light

as dispassionate rain fell from the skies

I tried to let myself grow

only the moon appears and then disappears

I saw only an eerie intermittent glow

I was splayed, inside and out with tears and fears

I would be dying, if I reached for the rose

one thorn hides, while the other shows

well placed on the muddy earth

I tried but my heart had no worth

Let our closeness determine our demise

I’ve tasted your love before, I heard your lies

I could be that flower if I could sleep

I felt attractions, that I would reap

but I was not in your charm

I was only in your scorn

I suddenly felt the harm

My hearts flesh was torn

Unjustly curse me, for I am a sinner

The world hates a loser, and loves a winner

My blistered fingers grasp at only the dark token

While my love was at last emotion left to be broken

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Azza El Wakeel's picture

Hi Dylan Eliot,
Your poems are beautiful too,
I read few and will be back to read more.