like nightengales float

Hyacinth garden

wondering if she could ever love again

he’s now that invisible man

she cries aloud

from a heart once too proud

feel her lonely spirit

no way to ever get near it

the stings down deep stalk

dreams of silent voices talk

wander in hours of apprehension

for days without preferred conversation

her thoughts drift like wind blown sand

and how it can’t be held by an empty hand

glimmer of light

shimmer her sight

engraved so delicately

Fata Morgana tease with injury

tears fill an ocean with her versions

She wearies of the stealthy diversions

of peace so eluded

and love that’s concluded

reach for the unknown

for my hearts also left prone

let it all go Arora

embrace your aura

let it all out

make it all turn about

breathe deep

and get some sleep

you can still sing

it can have the same sumptuos ring

when you awake

take all the time you need to take


Sing your music,

to me

lovely one


your sweet music


to me

your new love song

like nightengales float

we'll Sing with each note

never again will our hearts long

my lovely darling of song

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I love this...