erotic dreams

Hyacinth garden

tender kisses in the hollow of her neck

seduction assures love, need, passion and desire

lips trace her jawlines fire

eyes speak to eyes

gutteral moans from her lips

touch illuminates motion

pull close

cling tightly

hand travels up her rib cage

to tease

and give want to her supple breast

lips press against her warmth

softly whisper needs

murmur words of love

his hand caresses her hair,

consumed in the elegance

as he inhales her scent

bodies connected

lips to tongue

yet never close enough

meld into essence

he enters her...

erotic dreams

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Average Black Girl's picture

Very sexy! I like this - the stuff a womans' dreams are made of...

MonaLiza Holt-Valle's picture

Hi! Very Nice!
How do you do?

:) Blue