I disappeared

Hyacinth garden

The horizon was a sumptuous sanguine the color of vermilion.

And you reposed on majestic azure a turn at precious gems.

Were we involved in only passion where love poems have no anticipation?

Certain of poised sensual pleasure unaware of the awareness that would come to us.

You would decide to walk away from me for a journey.

It does matter where.

I searched for you again.

My body and head lean over the limit.

Where your likeness and my exile live in abandoned version.

I found secrets in loving you but only for the last time.

No use finding kindly terms, likely rejected, loss involves resignation.

After I left Primroses at your locked door, I disappeared into invisabilty.

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Polly Garay's picture

Your poems are so deep and meaningful I have to read them a few times...you have a very wise heart and insightful mind...Polly