Hyacinth garden

The night conceals all but grey where nothing is seen clearly.

Nobody between his soul but Nox and hope.

Early January's icy rain, aphasic flow is here.

An icicle’s besprent cold, and wet without a moon glow.

He lifts wet eyes to the night sky.

His body fails him and he may never know why?

Byzantine bound, never touched as once believed.

Once in touch with feeling, once so closely-woven.

So close then, but now, further apart than you are to Aldebaran.

Look on the night sky, remember uttered words not too long ago.

A time when you too were everyman, everywhere you would go.

Look to the sky and you will know.

Even with millions of light year miles.

Know somewhere someone is in love and burns bright.

He said, with a smile, to the Dark Nox Queen.

“All I am is a man, a man alone in the dark amort night.”

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Persephone Brown's picture

When I read this last night, I can't even begin to explain how gorgeous this piece is. I especially adore your reference to the Goddess of the Night, Nox (or Nyx).

I was about to quote the lines I love specifically but I love it all. I truly do.

And just so you know, I have read your other poem and I'm lost for words. So if I don't respond, I probably was too overwhelmed to mention anything.

You should write more. :)