rings in the ear

Hyacinth garden

up from school, with a vibe, have a sip of beer

never knowing when the end is near

in shirtsleeves in the open air

school yard hot fun night, it ain’t fair

on the mean streets of Newark

time stands still  and it hits a mark

intimidation and fear but your smart you stay clear

when your number is up a gunshot rings in the ear

somehow, you came up against the crossfire

where drug trades and gangs fuel the fire

found her with a knife wound to her head

three more young people dead

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mhippychick's picture

So sad and absolutely irridescent of what is happening everywhere we are having so many stabbings, gun fights here in the UK now, another son lost to the futility of man...thank you for such a powerful insight into a difficult topic.


Thankyou for commenting on my poem also, I felt washed in light by the things you said :-) You were my sunshine today :-)