fill the need

Hyacinth garden

in a world of greed

of sharply speaking, holding, using, and then disposing

climbing higher and ever higher

upon the refuse of stolen hearts

upon the stormy waters of war strewn tears

homeless ones in the cold wind unvalued they cry

wail out more or less the price inaccessibly steep

down those emaciated faces tears roll in ghostly deluges

sorrowfulness for the longing of withdrawn love

one more rung up the ladder

until you are dizzied from the heights

or perhaps ashes that settle down to the bottom of the sea

a retreat unto the last breath

what is it that truly fills the need?

while dispirited veils of vaporous clouds and shadows disappear

heavy hearts are lifted then

by exquisite and subtle beauty

when I offer this my love

sometimes beauty seems so

soaked in color



the sunset

sail on west submissive dusk

east becomes the night of joy

color transforms as does the light

anticipate the quiescence of empurpled skies

full of stars

that shine and give

delicate winds find a way to touch

there is no taking

only giving and receiving

moon light embodies,

closed eyes see

forever clamors within me,

in this the dark blue night

the dance of life so dulcet in view

as we greet the mornings light

all flowers and green grass wet with dew

this all given from the heart

food for thought

peace, love and harmony do not cost a single penny

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