il mio amore il mio bell'amore

Hyacinth garden

where are you?

why do you hide so?

my love, my beautiful love!

my strong desire continues its measure.

may I be gained, and discovered.

for if of our hearts never find blessing.

my minutes are lost in search of your loves endless hour.

in view of paradise,

                   but alas I cannot reach.

will I never know the blossoms of passions flower?

                     my love, I plea, I beseech!

il mio amore il mio bell'amore!

where are you?

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Enjoyed this far more than my

Enjoyed this far more than my own poem;)


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Wow, this poem is tremendously impressive. The 7th, 8th, and 9th lines sound very Dantesque, and they seem to me to be the poem's center of gravity, therefore making the whole poem reminiscent of the last cantos of the Purgatorio.