the presence of invisibility

Hyacinth garden

Maybe because we are all beautiful and real or is it how bad we can make each other feel.

Maybe tomorrow is a photograph full of unclear faces and callous hearts.

We make it without compass; there are no maps or charts.

It is a most curious experience a prolonged alliance with confusion and loneliness.

Add to that misty shades of blue through the pouring rain within sadness.

We all carry on in a blissful state of delusion and hobble.

Whether it is fantasy or reality, it becomes a struggle to awaken the crashing cymbal.

Hearts stop on the line like the sweet mist of vanishing spirit.

We cannot stop it we can only embrace it or at least fear it.

When the love is gone, we move on or we become withdrawn.

For me, it is the obscurity and how we end up in the presence of invisibility.

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Amazing orchestra of words

Amazing orchestra of words