The Mysterious Woman

Hyacinth garden

Night disguises salvos within its indigo dye.

As delicate fire seeps over my naked essence where thunder hides.

My thunder seeks to find a path to the past inside her future.

But, she is so mysterious.

She is mysterious and wonderful.

Still the mysterious woman has strange imaginings.

She has desires that change with every wind in flight.

She performs in style while appetites frame her life.

She plays each role that life assigns to her.

With all her heart and preference, through kindliness or strife.

In her conceptions and reflections, she goes down to the river.

There her waters flow.

I read secrets from tears in her eyes.

Mysterious woman cries tears that bathe the night.

Together we see the passive moon brighten heaven and ask what time tomorrow.

The moon questions whether time will remain hungry.

Beneath the veil of vital embers, answers remain cryptic.

She is a mysterious woman in shrouds, between her phantoms and her soul.

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Gerald Rinks's picture

Wow! There are a lot of captivating images here. I've had to read it a number of times to asorb the information.
I especially like the line "She has desires that change with every wind in sight." This really speaks to the human nature that exists in all of us and somehow is expressed very openly in only a few. It makes you want to know this enigma you call "Mysteriou woman."