Erratic desire.

Hyacinth garden

Daydreams of the innocent.

Parachute down and are enveloped.

Then slide in slippery confines.

Movements to the front,

allowed to course unplumbed.

Punishment and anointment merge,

at the bazaar.

Tented in confused altars of


Bindings of crimson silk wrap unfortunate wounds.

Heard echos of furious lies.

Where hatred becomes loving.

And love turns not to love.

But clings to erratic desire.

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Starward's picture

This is a fine poem, with a magnificent pun in the title and at the end!



Persephone Brown's picture

Erratic desires...

Eradicating each mundane, ordinary event
Or object
Into a fuller, brighter awareness
Of feelings and ideas
Appearing to be never experienced before
In truth, they have, but become different

...with someone new

Judgment may come and go
They ebb and flow
As do waves on a lake shore
Wishing to be, One
With the Ocean

They probably will fail to see
If they continue to hold back
From the cyclical system
Of Precipitation
And openly receive
The waves of strife.

breanna_shaylee's picture

this is a beautifully written poem. i love how it flows.

Breanna Shaylee