Hyacinth garden

Willow where are you now?

Travelling away so far away, you are far away from me.

I weep misty-eyed my Willow queen of dreams.

I can see a stream of moonbeams.

The night spangled by your stardust.

Symbols simple earthly pleasures the gift of comfort and trust.

Invite change with ease and grace.

Images of your face are still vivid.

Do what you believe, passion strong and never timid.

Sweetness of your gaze no troubling looks of the miserly.

My love eclipsed all rational Willow left for paradise.

Willow remains the playful traveler.

Spin the whole universe again.

I remember Willow the child that I was.

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Starward's picture

This poem is hauntingly beautiful, and I would love to know more about its provenance, how it developed, etc.