To My Daughter

Hyacinth garden


To My Daughter

The time was late summer, the early autumn the day your life gave my life amazement.

Under the stars of heaven's nightfall stimulating angels to sing.

That beautiful event where hope in the future starts anew,

my daughter is born; she will be my legacy.

Although, many years have passed it seems just like yesterday.

My fantastic child your love is not withered on me.

My love deep, strong, admiration seen in my smile,

we really know each other this human bond shines through a miracle of the heart.

Like the seasons, or the cycles of life the ebb and flow of love between father and daughter.

Families are inspiring from a teardrop, to a hug, to a smile, and then continuing onto the chase of contentment.

So amazing this connection, it reaches to the farthest stars a whole universe of love.

My heart explodes with love, with brimming tears in my eyes.

How deep is my love for you, it is deeper than the oceans.

Your smile is so warm, with a kind heart that holds all of your wonder.

Your eyes are deep like mine; your laughter is divine.

Your sadness breaks my heart; your happiness is my life's greatest part.

There is nothing more important to me then giving you my love.

All that you are to me, my intentions are always good.

Take my hand you will feel your soul.

In awhile the crimson leaves of the trees will start to fall cold days on the wind.

No matter what twisting road life may take.

With many pains and sorrow, remember the laughter will return tomorrow.

You will do the best you can; through it all, I will always love you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Birthday Theressa 9/11/1979

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Janet Yaeger's picture

You have written an absolutely beautiful poem--I felt every word. You have expressed every feeling I have for my twin daughters (my daughter who is getting married is an identical twin). I especially loved the line: "Your sadness breaks my heart; your happiness is my life's greatest part."

You are a wonderful poet.

Starward's picture

Beautifully written, reminds me of the close relationship between the great poet, Wallace Stevens, and his daughter in her adult years. Had he written something for her like this, she may have appreciated him in her younger years, also.


Alexandria Rina's picture

That was really beautiful ...

Judy Costea's picture

A most beautiful piece written of love for a daughter who has stolen her fathers heart from birth on will always be...
There is nothing like the birth of a child, it takes your breath away... How can anyone not be moved by such a miracle...
A beautiful tribute to your daughter..
Peace and Love..