the spark lives

the remains of her tears

with remnants of her fears

alas, she is masking that face

and travelling upon a resolute place
that resembles in her glimmering

a new person that is shimmering

she seems new by the strong contrast

from last to first leaving behind the past

something of desire and fire

something of strength, someone to aspire

there is now a spark in her dark eyes

and the spark lives even when she cries…

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Really enjoyed this. I felt a connection to it; wish I could leave behind the past like the woman in the poem.

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great write loved reading it

great write loved reading it

J meek

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I like this poem and it's

I like this poem and it's rhymes, at least to me. Keep up the good work. 

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Ahhh.... brings back memories

Ahhh.... brings back memories of my journey. Love this!