*Beautiful Things*


Everything felt at stake,

yet nothing's more beautiful

than holding, feeling,

breathing you

These bedroom sheets will

be the end of me

The moonlight shined on your back

I knew then that

beautiful things

were meant to end

Curtains blew through the wind

Counting the seconds away,

wanting them to last longer

I knew that you would cry

and thought of times

when we both wanted to die

It all slipped away

when we slipped into each other

and became one

Loved watching you breathe

through your pillow

I knew then there were

better remedies than me

Wishing I wouldn't miss

our smell

It drove me wild our first time

It drives me downward our last time

Beautiful things were meant to end

but their memories are to live longer

than its moments

Hope its like that with us...

I hope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this poem around mid December.

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very descriptive... beautiful