A Right Curve

Everywhere you turn around

they're there

ghosts of the past

You say go away,

then you turn around

throw a devastating

right curve

There has to be some way

to understand

your silly madness

Thankful to know you

Grateful to have you

Alcohol can't ease

this circumstance

So intelligent, yet a fool

proving me wrong

then proving me right

This twirl is getting me

filled with nausea

Pleasures of life

are at our reach

Yet you push them away

Give me a reason

not to give up

but you give me

a right curve...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My night with Mel, Val and Marco...

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Joel's picture

How sweet! A work involving Val's future husband! It's good to know that David is NO more. Isn't that Super!

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"