the spinning of a web in my mind,

it spins so radiant and true,

a dream that a spiderweb has caught,

a spider with no venom,

frightful on the outside,

in the inside so timid and pure,

cannot be killed, cannot be undone,

this dream in my mind full of

spiderwebs has awoken by your light,

your fire, your well being,

i'm tired of humans being frightened by me,

you touch these fangs that are still innocent,

you are not afraid,

i see you as my prey,

my prey to my happiness, the way to my happiness,

i am that spider,

that crawls into your head and does not want to let you go.........

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was really a really good read. I thought it was sensual and timid at the same time.