Hurricane Katrina

Let's see...

We'll lay it out on the table

9/11 (wait, wait.. what?)

War on Iraq (hmm.. it's still going on?)

The Tsunami (Sri Lanka, was it?)

Bombings in Madrid, London (what happened again?)

Natalee Halloway (remember her?)

Hurricane Katrina

And we're still bitching

at each other on who's fault was it.

It's our faults!!!

We may of had a plan,

but "our" plan we did not have.

The plan to at least "like" each other,

while our world was crashing down on us.

That plan wasn't there.

It will never be there.....

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Howard Pugh's picture

Never say never :p

The optimist in me.

Once I let them take me to the point of believing that we will never improve human relations in the future -- then whats the point?