The Day I Found Out I Had Cancer

that day was never


until the doc told

me my life was ending

in months

i walked out, blank

left my car there

walked home

cars passing by

like there was

no tomorrow

there is no

tomorrow for me

do i regret

my mistakes now?

or have pride

in my life?

have i said

my i'm sorrys...

probably not

this walk

is not as long

as it's perceived

to be

the clouds are

more appreciated

people's looks on

their faces are

remembered now

should everyone

have cancer

and the world

would be better?

everyone will

appreciate now...


will remember...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

This a most profound piece. I can only imagin what it must have been like to get the news. Yes,I agree if people were given this news they might actually take a second look at things that surround them,the people who surround them, the awe of life itself instead of taking them all for advantage.Your message here is really profound,I hope a lot read it and take it to heart! My prayers are with you that what ever time remains,it will be beautiful moments...