Welcome Home


Venice in love

Harpsichord singing my triumph

Hear the pigeons shake their wings

The heights of cathedrals that are

Hiding angels inside

Smokey mist in the club

Drinking tasteful red wine

Can even taste the color red in the drink

Dark, honest eyes

Making love in huge mountains of bedsheets

Red pink purple sky

My wonderful reflection in blue clear water

Sparkling through the piercing white sun

Resting on soft green steps

Soft violins playing memorable thoughts

Couple dancing in magic

Attending a mask festival

Belly dancers shaking hot rhythms

A mysterious woman covered in white makeup

Champagne red lips, blushed cheeks, long blue eyelashes

In a bright red costume

With an unusual red hat with white pearls dangling from atop

A smile saying, "Welcome home"

Steaming coffee on a cool Venice morning,

I am home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's move to Italy!

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