Baby Feet

I can't wait to

tickle your soft feet

while you're lying

on your back

I can only imagine to

see you smiling

at angels I can't see

I long to stay up

at night

to watch you staring

at the ceiling fan

I'm waiting to

hear your first

laugh when Mommy

does funny things

I can only imagine

the day I hear

you call me "Ma"

I can only pray

for that day to

come when I can say

"I'm going to have

a baby"

I can only imagine

my life with you

I've dreamt of you

when all my hope

has been lost

You have made me

recover when

I was sorely injured

I can't wait

for my life to start

with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't wait to have a baby!

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Lasohnda Harris's picture

i know u can't wait and make sure the dad of the one u cant wait for to be born will be there always by your side

Alana Culbertson's picture

Beautifully written and from the heart. What a mother you will be!!...God bless you...

Valeri Garza's picture

Oh my gosh Mel, this one gave me tears. You better invite me to your baby shower! Val