More to Life

Loving you helps me through my repression.

I am with you, but you do not look.

Blinking my eyes.

Looking at you.

Seeing your sadness fall with every drop.

Touching your cheek.

You close your eyes and feel the sun.

You remember that feeling that way once.

Now feeling it again with my touch.

Not wanting to go back.

I feel for you.

Not only love, but your anguish.

Let me take it all way.

Invisible it may seem, but I'm reaching for you now.

I'll take away your black darkness.

Making you feel alive once again.

Stop with the downward feelings.

Feel me in you.

I am in your mind.

I am relaxing your soul.

I will make you love again.

I will make you believe in life again.

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Ozjan Yeshar's picture

That is another talented poem that I have enjoyed reading here. You are very good in presenting your inner feelings. Keep writing! Cheers Melissa.