I've got that distant-eyed look again.

Looking for the road of my life.

Leaving blues behind.

Taking with me only my pocket of hope.

I've been grown from my precious nature.

I've been split in half by powerful things.

I don't want to leave this smile.

I'm coming back to what I've dreaded.

I need you now more than anything you know.

Looking out in the distance and looking forward.

Not wanting to go back and do the same routine.

I've been down in the deepest hole.

And to where I've come here, I felt like

I've risen from this hole.

It's my own world now.

And its not anyone else's but mine now.

I don't want to leave.

But I'll be back.

I've been awoken by a good dream and

I want to go back to that good dream forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the mile marker 122!!!  With the tree that was split in half by a bolt of lightning... this is for you!

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Rick Pacheco's picture

This is a decent poem, The author is proud with what she has achived, but with the future in mind she is a little scared. I do however wish that the poem had a little more detail about the direction it was going in.