Hidden Goodness

Despite the good memories and all that carried its happiness,

I am driven by melancholy thoughts.

I sit here in this rocking chair,

looking at the raindrops slide down the window.

What ever happened to you?

Why are you not here?

I saw my reflection in the mirror today.

It seemed that I was disappearing by the minute.

There is no soul in this body.

My weeping had torn it down.

I saw your spirit console me and vanish within my sudden happiness.

I pray that you came here and stayed.

Even though my faith does not exist.

I walk back and forth,

crying my depression away.

I don't want to sleep for I fear the black as cancer picture

would appear.

I wish that you were here.

But you are not; I have faced that.

For now I experience my gladness and the madness on my very own.

But I will always carry your divine memory on

how easily goodness is hidden.

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