Waiting For You

I walk alone in this cold house and I'm wondering if you are here with me also.  I miss you so much.  When are you coming back?  We have been here waiting for you to come back.  It wasn't fair how it was all so good and in the end, you were taken away from us.  What are you doing now that you are doing forever?  Sometimes we stay up at night and wonder what life would be like if you hadn't gone away.  I can only imagine how our sadness would change if this was all a dream.  Sometimes I pound my head so hard to get the thought in my head that you are not coming back.  If you are here, appear to me and let me know you are okay.  Don't linger around and tease us with this haunting.  Please help me let go of this anger I have.  I can't help but cry when it rains.  This world hasn't been the same without you.  I believe that I'll see you again someday.  In our souls, we have your love hidden for you.  If we show that we have grown tired and sorrowful, the world would walk all over us.  How can we smile and not cry?  In every way, I write and write and write.  I read through every poem.  What is the answer to my sorrow?  I believe that you will come back again.

We will be waiting for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my dad

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I would love to say thank you for your comment on mine .... and also i would like to say Wow simply breath taking hun gave me shivers as almost reading a story unfold i couldnt look away from it thank you for your wonderful write
Hugs ~~Lady~~