River currents and summer dreams

Cascading across the sky

In irradescent illumination.

Breezes that consume in a heartbeat.

Sliding...slowly trickling inward

and down, a cool drop down the forehead

of my own self; my personal salvation.

Each drop pulls some memory out

I hope I can fill each drop.

Perhaps God has sent these memories

Back to me, I can almost hear their song.

As is somber and calm, so to intensity...fierce flight.

One wonders if there are worlds within these winds.

Indeed, our mind transformed to the physical.

This is truly divine, I can't descibe the beauty

But only bathe in its extreme depths.

This wending of the soul permeates me, makes me whole again.

Can you hear the saturnine songs they sing?

Do you feel calamity and pure unity at your feet?

Perhaps it's only rain, maybe I'm just insane.

I feel my thoughts piercing me there, can it be this plain?

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