August 18, 2011

I’m supposed to be there
With all black CAPS.
But no-one acknowledges me.
But give my demand with a snap.
I’m a seven letter word.
I’m not that hard to spell.
I’ve never felt so alone
I feel like I’ve been rotting for over a million years in the nasty jail cell.
For many long years I’ve sat and thought
I’ve been slapped, I’ve been beaten, but still I’ve fought.
I’ve crawled , I’ve slumped, I’ve been drug, I’ve been dropped.
People misuse and abuse me.
They ignore and confuse me
For what I’m not.
And dare to demand for me
And yet no-one dares to stand for me.
They all want every inch of their body to be full of me
But they don’t know my last name.
I’m the number one word that gets neglect
Trust, love, and honesty all would be nothing without respect

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Ebrace life, live life, and love life with no regrets as much as you can as hard as you can"