Beyond the Gate July 1, 2005

Beyond the Gate July 1, 2005

The clock struck 9.
I awaken to find myself
Caught in-between
This world of
Reality and dreams.
(Do my perceptible
Eyes deceive me)?
Will I ever
Possess nor attain
The ability to discern
And separate
Dreams from reality?
(Fact from Fiction)?
Darkness from light?
I’m torn apart by this
Mistaken perception.
Beyond the gate,
There lies a
Parallel universe.

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Good poem!

Great depiction of the often hidden battle between reality and desire fought within us.

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Thank you

I haven't written anything in over 2 years though and I feel that my writing has gone down the drain. Apparently, I was supposed to take a year of remedial English before enrolling in College English which made me doubt why I even went to college. Good thing I placed into Calculus though.

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Your writing is great! Being able to express yourself in a poetic manner is a gift. Being able to construct a grammatically correct sentence is a skill. You can do both, so keep writing!