Awaking from this dream

I find myself

Quite lost in who I am

And everything that I’d thought I needed and wanted to cherish

Is no longer with me

Nor is it a part of me anymore

Can you hear me?

Can you listen to what I have left to say?

Clearly, the ciphers that you have missed

I put them all as a visual, right in front of you

Hoping for that chance

You’d realized this by now

That I want to be your friend

You knew I was really introverted around you

So, why didn’t you try to interact with me?

You knew I was scared of things

That it takes me time to adjust

So, when the time is right

Will you be my friend?

Or will you purely walk away from the friendship I’ve tried to offer to you?

My heart is pure and true to itself

It knows that I was wrong

Knowing you all these years

But never taking the time to notice the alliance you’ve offered to me

Is what I’ve realized now?

It’s what I want, but I’m not sure if it’s what you want of me

With the intention of, we’d both have our companionship to present to each other

Before your very eyes

I’d considered you’d understand by now…

As I’m in need of your presence

For that, I need you to be by my side

As I’m trying to reach out to you

Every little step that I take

Is one more achievement upon building our acquaintance together?

And every move that I make

Is all due to the cause of you?

For that, I have realized

One too many times

The friendship you’ve tried to offer to me

With the effort of your friends

They tried to bring me closer to you

Heck, my friends are trying to get me to chat with you

This just goes to shows what friends are for

Our friends know about…

Basically my situation with you

So, they go and try to get us together

To take the time for both of us

To build upon a start on our familiarity together

Show me the happiness around me

I know you’re trying to get to know me better

That makes me blissful knowing that

A small simple “hello” and “goodbye” just brightens up my day even more

Slowly and surely, there must be a reason

For all that has happened to us

Help me find the contentment I need in my life

Locate the road to my misery

If I can’t find joy around me

Then how can I find cheerfulness in myself?

If not, contentment?

Then what is it I’m trying to prove to myself?

What is this feeling I want to find in myself?

The only thing that I’m ever sure of now is…

The bond between us

A new start on our amity, collectively

I realized my stupidity and mistakes now

Back then, I didn’t know what I what of a friend

From all those painful experiences

Those heartfelt sorrows

I’ve been through

After you were gone

It made me sense

I wasn’t a true friend to you

I was scared of you

I admit that

I didn’t know why, but I just was

It made me realize something...

What I want is to build a friendship with you

I’ve learned from those heartfelt sorrows

That it’s not too delayed

To have a beginning of our camaraderie, as one

Long ago, we felt so distant

Now, just look at us

Inch by inch and bit by bit

We’re beginning a companionship, jointly

Together as one

Is what I want…?

For now, we’ll take it nice and slow

When the time is right

Soon, we’ll be chatting with each other

Instead of saying a simple “hello” and “goodbye” to each other

It’s a great start to inform each other on the friendship

For now, we’ll stick to efforts: Soon enough, we’ll be really great friends

A new commencement

A second chance on our friendship, together

For the first time ‘til the last time

I hope we can be friends ‘til the end of time

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