Promise Part 2

Verse 1:

I'm happy we're together.

Promises remain broken

But I hold onto the pain and hope

That you and I will meet once again.



A promise is not forever.

It's made at the moment

IT can be broken at any time.

You've broken me apart

and have torn me into pieces.

Now, I have to let you go

Like it's my only choice.


Verse 2:

Suspended in space,

You lose your face.

HOw can you feel

When there's no warmth?

How can you let go so easily?

How can you be like this?



I've waited for the end.

Our promises to each other

Have been broken.

NOw, I must move on.

No matter on those shadows

That reflect on you.

A promise is not eternal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The intricaticies of love and relationships...

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