Day by Day

Verse 1:
Day by day, I think of you:
What could have been

But never was.

Now, I can see that

We weren't meant to be.


Day by day, the waiting is endless.

Inside of me, is the love

That I never gave to you.

Day by day, my search is over.


Verse 2:
Since I've found you,

I won't look back.

And since you've found me,

I'll be your's to keep.


Without a doubt,

I know that

"You're the one.:
I won't let you go so easily.


Tell me, do you feel the same?

There's something about

This complicated feeling

That I cannot express in words.

No matter what,

I'll love you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another "love song" that references my other songs: "Your's to Keep (part 1/part 2)," and "No Matter (part 1/part 2/part 3?)....It's based off the Korean pop song: "Kontrol" by Kim Sung Kyu. English subtitles up on youtube.