Take It or Leave It (Original)

Still, your presence linger around.

Some part I thought were untathomable,

Turned out to be a lake concealed amid grieving.

Leadingto form

Only a path of misery for one.


I stand single-handely without anyone in sight

To assist me

As I law here

inal thoughts deep withing my own little mind.

Hidden inside a place where nothing gets out.

Somwhere subterranean, no one can foresee my message.

Alternatively, an indication that I am suffering a a child does devoid of its happiness.


No one can breathe life into an individual that seeks death.

Break their fall, and soon, one's death is to arrive sooner than they thought possible.

There is no other alternate than to talk some sense into them.

Not everyone realizes how lucky he or she just is.

However, some do and sense they are not welcomed enought into this world...

World full of mysteries and darkness we soon unlocked and came across.


Walls and barriers closing in on us once againg.

Nothing in all sense and matter

Feels in place anymore.

Inching to our dreary loss.

Yet, demise remains

Within those who feel lost and confused.


To everyone suffering and in pain

To every broken heat out there

To every aching heart out there

To those lost loves and...

To all those who need to come to disntinguist 

The difference between a line of integrity and a line of hypocrisy,

Yeah, here is a song to those who in any way possiblyh felt a sense of some sort of lost.


A brand new day has arrived.

Sun shining brightly without a single cloud in sight.

Winds calm, nothing hostile.

A second chance on  making things right.

Take it or leave it.


Be given that there are so many second chances in life.

most missed opportunities:

Do not let it pass you by.

Otherwise, a prospect aking to this will not ever occur twice in a lifetime.

Most significantly, do not ever let reality and life take its toll on you.

Get back up and get back on track.

Before you know it,

Life will end faster than one could have ever imagined.

Take it or leave it.


You won't ever be given an opening like this again.

This is a once in a lifetime oportunity.

Be wise.

Do not ever let life slip and pass you by again.

Misguided opportunities lead to a pool alive with regrets.

Therefore, I have to say once again:
Do not ever let life pass you by.

Do not be fooled by realisty a it begins to settle in.

Hence, I have to stay before I deapart:
Do not let this once ina  lifetime opportunity drift further away from your dreams.

Take it or leave it. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the original version I had written back in 2002-2003 (when I was in 8th grade). I forgot I had a folder containing poems/songs I wrote back during middle school. I'll try to post more up when I have time. College is keeping me really busy. I hope to eventually get a PhD in my passion(s) so I can contribute to research in biomedical engineering (medicine + engineering = biomedical engineering).