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Writers On the Edge...

Writers on the edge...


light in visible light never give up on the fight

break through the silence in a pause of a whisper

a heart over flowing through the notion of fate

step aside from your worries and don't be in a hurry

put some soft music on and light a candle

breathe deep into your very soul let the vibration permeate your mind

shadows may block your clear vision yet you are on a mission

look to the sea vibrations are meant to be

the surf going out and coming back in

hold your breath and count to the number ten

there's things that you can do to loosen the mood

let your heart beat toward love out from a higher extreme

we are living in a land so very mean

what is your favorite flavor of ice cream

bask in the vast expanse between space and time

let your face shine within tender moments like these


loosen any inability to let go & smile

it start with one foot at a time

step by step inch by inch you will reach your proper place

call it lavender grace 

take a long walk in the woods through a variation in a dream

travel the pathway that is suitable for you

gaze into the sky & be happy

alone again in your thoughts

yet at this time you have a reason for being

start achieving & stop the nose bleeding


Writers on the edge...


Today I looked at the lost coast degree

shattered trees amidst the leaves

wooden drops of water & heat

Mother Sun in the colective soul


through the great grip of a pace

shuttered through cursive measure

long ago & far away



The late languish to the syrup sod

writers on the edge

be sure a collective ledge

below my safety pillow


venture to a mile down probe

beneath the shades of grass

no one by on any free pass

through even a yankee pride


thank the Lord I'm still alive

what on earth are we to face as we encounter to strive


Wet On The Beach

Went to the beach

To watch the sunset

Over the clear Gulf waters

A storm had passed

With towering clouds

Dropping rain and wind

The air tasted of salt

Those clouds soon parted

To allow visibility of the setting globe of fire

It was a long moment

As the light sheened brightly

Across the gentle waves

Reflecting off high darkened clouds

For that moment 

I became young again

To view the world 

Thru the eyes of a child

My full vision turned a rich pink

Muted with shades of blacks, greys, and whites

Wispy like cotton candy in the sky….


Barren Leaves Coast To Cleave I

Barren Leaves Coast To Cleave I

shallow peak
hesitant on a kiss
hero in the mist
chase back the fever with a smile
still to know all the great while
love was king

A moment of patience in a moment of anger,
Saves you a hundred moments of regret...
sharpen you pen even flow begin..
loves lost opinion,
cheer up my friend

A Pulse To Claim

led to go a pulse to claim
a heros joyful
a crew to lift up high
love to lead  all way
the judge a lift up high
love to lead the way
a judge a lift forward
lift hi the sound
belly of the beast
treasure at its best
lift high the music
plate of fresh fish
the challenge to be free
love as per chance
to take a part of the dance
knocking at heavens door
the parade leading to ever more
going to Scotland
to fly by yourself
Amsterdam, when to understand

Be Blessed

Be Blessed

Beautiful picturesque scenery you have painted here with your words....And your last stanza summarizes it all...We see God's Divine Technology and Art set before us every day....live and in action....Beautiful birds...flowers...butterflies...etc ....endless list...Thanks so much for writing and sharing this piece...Be Blessed
Be blessed my dear quest an arrow past the mess...

The inner test beyond the best
With love in the first remaining kiss
Savor with a kiss,
A kiss wink the benefit grip

Poetic stanza broke through the next mess
carry through the latest clue a given glue
bury your head in the pillow grip a next mix

Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning

We each search for what allows from within,
Base our existence from a door bell ring...
Changes, we make through the ancient birth core of relief
We all go through changes;
Some of us Vape to get through its pain ?
Lightning & thunder 
another door bell rang.,
Some have cement shoes another chance to sing the blues
Carry on with a song to walk that extra mile
It goes to show having been written in the stars
We can always change to fit in the theatre of its insane moments to go
Love has to sift one through a straw

Freedom To Trust

Fish Out Of Water

Faces to laces the drum built asunder
shadows firm just like a pillow branded
my watch felt clear the eclipse of the sun brought near
Fish out of water...

time to base the plush pillow with a memory heroic taught,
time will teach a good side to me

Paw Marks

Paw Marks

Ragu pasta is being recalled
cover me,

through fence unclean
make me an offer
patience is a virtue
walk in the way of the master of fame

love nestled in one accord....

encountered in the way of the game
love nestled between,
thrown out a window
nestled by my pillow

shadows block my radio
heavy cheer out my window

Paw Marks....

pulsating moon beams
front porch swing
the fly on the porch ring
love the course of the march

Balls To The Wall

spend your day expressed by grace ordered from a Payton place


cheer each moment from the edge of the setting sun a very well done


climb each pillar of thought and deed to reach forth every bit of need


transformation to be a king set forth to a freedom ring set ahead,




drop in a set daily routine an angelic song can't we all get along


building bridges enhanced to swing in the parlor from freedom swing


come close to me with honor a captured melancjoly grin people sing


out of order but we continue to sing sent transformed for every thing




balls on the porch let us stand firm and rejoice to decorate a New York smile


the moments of tender muse set sail on its own for people to come on home


a balance for power there's balls on the wall standing ten feet tall


recapture the falling song can't we get along abused by power such as the fawn




news to me to be set free falling headlong as in a coaster sent right over


the taste of Manicotti specially for you the cause to brew as coiced renewed


application to a frustration moved by education falling creatures made to shine


captured by the edge of the vine together so fine rob you blind you see




balls to the wall stand ten feet tall the rooster flows its in what you know


a harvest new a each casket new feeling ever so dear all draw near


with fallen drops as in airforce one become undone having a bit of fun


stranger to your ever glow take you to places you need to go transformed new




a quiet street my balls fall deep stand still & repeat


feature creature stand tall to meet her tender rooster


shine down upon me in its billow sanction well received in


long are the long ago chimes very good in store a cry for more




Balls to the wall in a turning touch in a rush such flattery of make believe


salute you see the back door cling noticed from everything pople sing


pillars of thought balls to the wall & everything


looking out in the lawn you graciously see a fawn




braced from the new unction of seaweed twisted between your knees


cry a river in order to discover hurry up & take cover


sure fire wy in order to display everything's o.k.


cry me a river stand still & deliver




chased through your dreams there is balls to the wall from every purpose


shine on the simple study through the song shattered through the breeze


can't we get along feathers with the swan captured in my imagination


there's never hungry like a rooster in your imagination




capure each smile to know all the great while


apples in carriage everything delivered


tried and true everything blue


sad but innocent to the drawers




paint a picture news tide to recaptre the falling blues


shake dreams from your hair my pretty child


lay hold of its rest in every test,


savor the moment you cling to find




balls to the wall stand ten feet tall


through a brisk walk on the beach far out of reach


there's silence in the fold repaired until


passengers through blatant Henry lines




share with each other a heavenly climb


there's places you need to go with the flow,


seek the heavenly course in care with most


share in the right shun what's wrong




the rid is forth there's one ball too short


balls to the wall shine upon the strong earth


peach ice cream and everything short


got my balls to the wall




send forth the workers send proud the flame


not to mention in the mentally insane


proud as silver gold as shine


list of insurance so very fine




the wind blowing


have you ever remember when you were down to the lowest pit no one gives a shit


order of disorder come close to know ya


in the curtains we shall enjoy you,




after the mall through dull in the path


as in all goodness past


through chosen vessels


stay true to discover




rewind the television something is worth missing


we all must come together no matter what the weather,


train up a child you must keep it in order


show forth in your glory




stay with the fold listening to the door


paint a picture with a smile


still to know all the great while


bridge the gap in between




share with each other another page of order


balls against the wall stand up ten feet tall


its in you don't you see working on a melancholy


like the words to hear its order