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Bloody someday

Somehow If I could..

Then - now

I’ll expose all the fallacies

Cure their disease

Fix the flaws I perceive in me

Abolish those who try to

Control my inner sanctity

Eradicate the raging beast

Fall into a seven day coma

For some quality sleep 

Stop the blood lust for

Broken hymens

And blood disgust 

At monthly menstruation

Someday I’ll get that apology

I’ve given up hope on getting

I’ll let you win and say nothing

I won’t be triggered by 

Every slip of their tongue

I won’t come undone or be outdone

I’ll shine and not shy away even once

Comfortable and fashionable

Get back all the zero’s in my bank account

Someday I’ll just hear that voice

From the tv screen, the one poor reporter

Who announces the worst of the storm

Has passed us, you can poke your head

Out the front door now - If you wanna

Someday I’ll be able to see the rainbows

 By will and by choice

I’ll be strong enough to cut the ties

To those that anchor any part 

Past or present, I want to be tetherless 

That’s the dream I am chasing

To not be grounded, but groundless


All the birthday candles, unpurchased lottos

Will amount to it some way, somehow

I just know it.

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