Moony Day

Oh moonlight, moonlight

A day bright but yet so dark

Glamour everything


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They used to live here
Now they have gone on journeys
I still remember

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Dawn seeks day relentlessly,
The blue wants the white,
Darkness in the heart wants light. 

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Summer night howls like a wolf,

As the moon rises,

Why care? I 'm with God.

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Dark, cloudy dawn breaks,
And on a summer morning?
Arms seek loving arms. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a Haiku poem inspired by my present state of affairs and the weather. It was dark, dense and thick with black clouds and a wind -- harbinger of a rain or sandstorm two days ago. It expresses an ardent, unquencable thirst of mine for being loved -- in return to my love -- by my beloved. It is June and summer is constantly on the rise but two days earlier the sky was overcast and I wished there were some selfless, loving, caring and understanding soul (A woman of course!) to be by my side. As the readers of my poems must have figured it out I am lonely these days and even my own (Mother, brother, sisters and other friends have left me to be on my own. Somewhat triggered on by Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard" and "I Am The Only Being" by Emily Bronte the poem came to me from deep inside and I typed it on my PC so as to reproduce here -- as one and all can see in the lines I have composed. Haiku is a brilliant genre of Japanese poetry and as it happens verses form themselves as can be seen here. Ten years ago I used to collaborate on Haiku's different instances like Renga and Cinquain with well known U.S. poetess -- who, almost like me, would write Haiku collaborations. It is not my intention to boast here. It is to inform my readers. critics and admirers as to how I got into writing Haiku. There are several Haiku poems composed by me and present at this wonderfully managed poetry site -- thanks to Jason Minton -- the owner of this poetry and prose site. I am always happy to be here and jot down the thoughts that assemble in my heart, mind and soul, less for myself but more for other poets and poetesses worldwide. I hope the enjoyers of Haiku poetry like this poem of mine while to others especially those new here. I would be very happy for any feedback, comment or objective and impartial criticism, suggestions and highly valued opinions.Well, I feel that I have explained it all for the benefit of all poets, poetesses and poetry lovers. 

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is there a problem?
how can it be fixed quickly?
we can talk that helps!

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Hard, stormy winter,
Unleashing its fury,
But my faith will win. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This winter season (2013) has been exceptionally cold and fierce in its intensity. However my faith in The God Almighty grows all the more stronger. This Haiku poem gives a clue to my feelings.

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A Few Thoughts

*  tear drops freeze before

this howling winter wind as

Spring-like thoughts cry out.


*  wild blossoms bloom

high on cliff's edge;

they create poetry

with the morning sun.


* beneath an Autumn moon

the sound of water trickles as

purple flowers bloom.


*  between the cracks

red roses grow

in concrete dreams.


*  a journey begun

through desert, jungle

and icy rain

to reach the mountain crest

and smell the Plum Blossoms there.



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A Beatnik poet thinks

the audience seats are empty

beatniks are the audience.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Beatnik Party going down tonight!

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