She Settles

There is no she,
but she is mine;
atop the springs
below the finest
line described
by those of kind
who want her to
be gone from my
dividing sign
and in due time
she'll descend
to a finer state
of heart and mind,
of curve in tow,
for me to know
and others won't
have a clear idea
of who she'd be
if they'd just
allow her to settle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who the fuck is She?

I have legal medication now!

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Lead-Lined Loop

At best I did deserve it;
as best it called my name.

With two long legs I shambled
across the rift that it had made.
With the two long arms I reached for
the warmth that it had promised.

Then the it had turned to she.
She was all the more hypnotic than it.

My stumbling and shuffling
had turned to a blind sprint,
and the layers that made me sweat
came peeling off by inches.

Lead was the lining of my head,
wires crossed along my neck,
my thoughts gave off a putrid stench
and little seems to change.
Little seems to come from motion
forward, backward or up above.

Little seems to result from much.

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2011 Poetry


Maybe a stranger
I can observe
A friendly lady
Always offend
In many ways

Maybe slowly
To forget
All the sorrows
Helpless stage
All she obtains

Is a loving
Kind someone
With thoughtful spirit
Be inclined

Is a humble
Precious one
With golden heart

Is a valuable
Friend of  mine



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