Creatures at the Top of Chico's Shit List

Small, kinetic ball of fur
Seek peace below the sheets
As his one true threat comes through.
Eyes gone wide to take it in
Ears gone flat to block the noise
Damn the stupid, noisy thing.
He'll wait until it is gone.

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He's Like a Crappy Roommate

I awoke to an urgent sound

So tense and full of tilt and tumble

As if a car nearby just couldn't stop rolling

After removing itself from the road

It was encased within my own four walls

In the room just to my left

And I couldn't rise because my fear

Was of something truly beyond reason

But then I heard the muffled cries

Of something nocturnal and small

Suddenly it all made sense

And then I went back to bed.

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The word CAT should stand for cute and terrific.
They are wonderful animals and I'm being specific.
When you have the love of a pet, it's a great reward.
But when they die, it's like being cut by a sword.
Cats are so precious and I love their soft fur.
It always pleases me when I hear them purr.
They are adorable and dogs are pretty great too.
As you stroke your pet's fur, remember that he or she loves you.

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