Venky Says

Anything may be in the mind
Nothing can be done in kind
But, behave as others like
Leave the breath as U hike
Take the path as Wave rolls
But run the show as path’s spike

Sail in the boat on the rivers’ narrow
Love your life’s sorrow
All steps may not be up
May be, life is nothing, but
Steps of Jungles and critics of humbles
Be sure about the path, but no idea of reach to catch.

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Venky Says

Mind is a Magic
May change the Logic
Life is Fanta-stick
Try to create a Pick
But do not stick to luck
Always jump for the really-stick

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Venky Says


Smiley face will avoid critical
Strong will-power solve the political
Keep going and steady race
Can reach the goal as 'magnetic'

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Venky Says

Able to do.........?

Not able to do
But better to do
Negative makes critical
Positive takes verticle
Hope n wait's are
Horizantal roads
To reach the beatch
Be cam till the pitch
Simle after catch the fish

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Venky Says

Life - Tree ………

L-ogic is a Life,
I- am a ‘human’
F-eeling is untouchable
E-nemy for Economy

Feeling and dealing is a part
Eating and hating is a fashion
Shaking and salute can be the court
But ……. Dry- thoughts may kill
Part by part……….

Who am I ?

who am I ? if I have no name!
fame may not be there with out a Name
Hence Name is important - form
fill it in your life coloumn
So fly in the sky with your coulourful theme

Face is a cover for identity
never judge with the cover- face
no face for Atma and nature
humanity and kindness is a natural face
Life is a Boat, we are sailing in the Boat with cover-face
There is no scope for cover face in long run.

Try ?

How ? and why ?
are spy - In our life’s sky

Thinking and living
can be dry - if we not cry

Hunting and bunting
is a part of try

How & Why can be friends
Only when we try the sky – before Dry

Threat --- ????

Thinking and speaking is co-related
Living and having is generated
Sleeping and working bifurcated
Walking and running fascinated
Keeping and eating sophisticated
But ‘do or die’ is nothing
but a word having the power of ‘full threat’.

Vitamin M,,,,,?

Need not be a business Man
Not required qualification
Only having sense of Expense,
Can get. Plan it and do it,,,!

R-e-a-l Life ????

Everything is real in life
Missing seconds….minutes…hours…days
Be happy and lead the life
Till our life time with a smile
Make sure and fill the life column
with sweet theorem

Fake N Bake >>>>>>

Nothing is Fake
Something is to bake
Everything is in belief
All about to know the thief

Not Variable
Hot and cold
but not Gold !
Rice and Spice
but not Price !!!
Work and perks
But not work????

But equivalent

What is life?
Without feel

Feeling is not touchable
but can imagine

Imagination is about to touch
then we can think N feel

Think and thank is life
Happy and sorrow is a part

Part and full is equal
But not parallel

Sign and sing is
Not different but quotient

Men and women may be different
But equivalent

Crazy Game ??

Fall in to crazy
make the mind easy
but be always busy
never lose heart
for water clots
never look for gain
be positive for negative
It is a part of crazy game.

Never look back

Stick the plan always
Use own brain
Compose the things for action
Carefully react for bounce
Educate yourself for facing
Share loop holes with inner sense
Seek the future requirements

Need not look back- if not given
Others to bend our Ears
Take it easy if failure

Failure is the step for
Re-try with positive
Revised plan n Can


Starts with Zero
Want to become Hero

Straight to Narrow
But gear up to thorough

Hoping to borrow
Hesitate to crow


Happy and Sorrow
Cannot barrow

Food N shelter
Can be Narrow

Success and Failure
are the steps --
Barrow, narrow, Sorrow


Top secret never stick
Silly things may pick
Hope may drop
But Luck never look back
Stick your rope
Until U reach the hope


H-opeless mind
O-rganising around
B-oring Sound with
B-ubble round in
Y-ellow bound


Never lose temper
To creat bumper

Day has got
Enough number
To buy Timber

Never cry
Without why?

Time has got
It own sky
To dreemy fly…..


C-uriosity may lead gain or pain
H-ard think will receive the bun
A-rrival figure may not the Sun
N-ever think, Sun is only having the ‘FUN’
G-o getting may search Gun for breaking the ‘MUM’


Brain thinking something
What a action of walking
Life is a jungle of hoping -
Negative is a fever of surrounding
Positive is a tonic for everything


Anybody is here to know ?
To listen the matter
Here is water, never lose it later
Dirty things not better, hope is a waiter

Always think twice
Before nature cry’s
Try to pick word ‘should’
Leave the word ‘may’

‘Do it’ may not suit
‘Done’ is better


Is it a real fact…… ?

Mind is making it
But reality ….is not

Want to speak out
But not able to do, why?

Want to do help
But hands are not moving

Want to do something
Not able do anything


Every one with U
When U R Hero
No one is there for
Any one, it is reality

U and your mind
- are only with U
Until your time
To zero from Hero

U & your shadow
Did or do
May or may not
Think or Try
Really-stick remains


Days are moving
On the life’s road
Hurdles are traffic
We have to wait to move
With solution’s light
It is nothing but signal

Failures are an accident
Across the road
Can survive with a brave mind N
Positive attitude

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they'd say
you have to create
a poem which

should be the best.
i insist, i can't conform
to those rules.

i am not obstinate.
it is jus hard to

be criticized.
i fear this poem
is only

a no- brainer.

( i need to eat and i need to have a pen so i can write. i am deprived to have those privileges)

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Black Moon. Red Stars. (Souls)

First Poems

Black Moon Red Stars (Souls)

You bring me back
From these dreams
Only the black moon
Can illuminate your light
Red Stars
Whispering of destruction
Revealing to me a darker world
Souls resignate new beginnings
Singing melodies long forgotten
And I rely on you
To save me from this mind
But you don't even know who I am

When you get lost
You can always find me
Under the black moon
And gazing up at the red stars
You know I will let you lead me
Where ever I will follow
Play me this song
In these dangerous shadows
You will protect me
I'd give my life to heal you

I tremble when you smile at me
Oh don't you know
My heart beat quickens
The sadness
Just a bitter part of the night
But tonight it just sparkles
Entranced by invisible wings

The truth holds
As we dance in circles
Shimmering underneath the sky
Your eyes hold some certainty
But you don't have a clue
You're careless

My mind wonders
How could this end
But when morning comes
Will we be swept away
Forgetting a magical calm
But I will wait for you

When you need me
And when you get lost
You can always find me
Under the black moon
And gazing up at red stars

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