Burn the petrol

Throw the sound

We’ll go back down


We’re rising up against you

From beneath your stable mound

Be prepared to fall for us

Taken to the underground

Don’t keep trying

You end up dying

We come around

In numbers

See us flicker

We watch you snigger

You never understand

A rebel brand

Stone us down in your herds

And fire off your meaningless words

Never take on the demons hell

Lure me to the underground

Free me from the world around

And see the light from down below

Burn it! Burn it! Down

We leave your scars reminder

Retreating to the silent sound

Just a whisper flowing

We are biting at your feet

Always in the underground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem after the word 'underground' triggered off a flow of thoughts into my head, thats why this poem has a very unstable structure because it's straight from my mind in raw form. I like it though :)

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