They love to crawl upon you!

hey Love To Crawl Upon You!                

let me tell you about a creature that no one seems to like
they invade your home with out a care this i do dislike
there creepy and have lots of legs i sure dont want to view
so when you go to bed at night they love to crawl upon you
some fly around some walk around some even swim about
all in all they do not care and it makes me scream and shout
ive tried to keep them all at bay and bid them all adieu
but no matter what i do so try they love to crawl upon you
the only time i'd want them near would be to squash them dead
i'd flush them down the toilet bowl these bugs i sure do dread
why oh why do they have to exist my loathing sure is true
and i hope they all do not return cause they love to crawl upon you!!!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i was having a i hate bugs moment having seen a really big spider, i had fun writing it, hope it amuses you all!!!

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