Wierdo's at walmart.

Wierdo’s At Walmart 3


I have more to tell you about that evil place from hell

Every time that I walk in there I hear the children yell

There screaming at the parents some even throw a fit

All while mom ignores them and caring not one bit

This really is quite evil, and those parents have no heart

So, remember bringing your earplugs for those wierdo’s at Walmart

Going there you'll see guys wearing pants below their brass

It makes you wanna smack them for showing off their ass

So never go there when your tried that would be no fun

Because you will be arrested for twisting off his gun

Listen to what I'm saying, and don’t you dare depart

Cause you don’t wanna be among those wierdo’s at Walmart


Author's Notes/Comments: 

heres another wierdo's at walmart hope you all like it!!!

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