weirdo's at walmart!

Weirdo’s At Wal-Mart



There are many kinds of people to see out there

But don’t read any further if this news you can't bare

These shoppers you see might pushing that cart

But these strangers we see might be weirdo’s at Wal-Mart

As you walk in that shopper’s hell you'll see many faces

And the ones to watch out for are from all different races

They’ll wear goofy clothes and might think its art

That’s when you know there are weirdo’s at Wal-Mart

Some will be large and wear tight things

And when you see them your eyes will water and sting

That’s when you'll wanna smack them for having no heart

And then run like hell from those weirdo’s at Wal-Mart.


                           Zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hey fellow poet's i thought i'd try a funny poem let me know what you think???

( this is not meant to hurt anyone its just for fun i myself am a wierdo who goes to Walmart lol)

                                                         Zoeycup 16


this is in a series i wrote 5 and am working on number 6

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That is what makes Walmart fun.  ----   Stephen

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very true thats where i get my inspiration!