There sacrifice!




There sacrifice

Canine heroes, military soldiers two different world's one mission

There born with a loyalty and determination to protect this great nation

And unconditional love and honor are there driving force to be precise

A place in my heart will they always remain because of their sacrifice

Out on the battle field there first in line ever alert to the dangers ahead

Giving no thought to themselves they’ll keep on moving forward instead

Censing danger ahead they know what to do and will carry it out not thinking twice

Those soldiers were spared from that land mine ahead because of their sacrifice

When the smoke clears they all look around for their canine soldier whose life they saved

Seeing their hero they all bow their heads with tears in their eyes for their lives unscathed

So thank those furry soldiers who've served and protected us all at a very high price

And always be grateful to those two world's that came together and made there sacrifice!


Dedicated to two very different soldiers with one mission on their minds

To serve and protect us all with their lives may we never forget there sacrifice!!!!

                                              Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because I saw an article on the news a while back that told a story about this canine soldier dog who saved the lifel of  his soldier and all the men with him by running ahead and tripping the mine saving every one there it made me think that you don't see or hear anyone talk about our canine heros out there who do what they do for this country and those men and women who risk there lives for us so I felt compelled to write this poem it took me a long time to write because I wanted to get it just right hope you all like it

                            Zoey cup

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