What is perfect

                                       what is perfect?


what is perfect can you talk to it will it talk back

What is perfect can it look up at the night sky so black 

What is perfect can you walk with it will it walk besides you

What is perfect can you tell it your secrets like a bff so true 

How does one define perfect is it like an recovering alcoholic

How can one describe that oh so Important word perfect

What is perfect can you hug it or give it that perfect kiss 

What is perfect is it a country song or is it something to reminisce

What is perfect are we all perfect or are we just all unchecked

One day we will be but today isn't that day to seek what is perfect!!!

                          Becky Chadbourne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because sometimes most of us at some point in our lives have wanted things to be perfect and when they don't turn out that way some get upset I know I did still do infact. Hope you  like it feel free to critique my work if you don't I can't try to improve it ( oh here I go again trying to be perfect ugh!!!!)

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