This it's my life!!!

                                    this is my life!


You tried to break my spirit with your abuse and the endless lies 

With the high on your horse attitude and mighty fists and evil eyes

I'll bet you didn't see the hidden strength that came with your wife

You used your fists on me but I fought back saying this is my life

Once I left you fell apart crying why'd you leave me all alone 

I looked at you with a frown and said your the one who's evil to the bone

And turning around i said with a grin now you have to live with all your strife

 I'm free of your unforgiving fists and hateful ways cause this is my life

I walked away from your abusive ways chin up high for the world to see

You took my life turned it upside down but now Im happy and free to be me

You said you wont hurt me on the day that we wed but that was just a bold faced lie

Day after day and night after night I lay here and ponder and ask myself why

In the beginning of our life together all I wanted to do was be a loving and caring wife

You no longer control me with your wild and angry fists because forever more this is my life


                                    Zoey cup 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

  I wrote this one too try to be at peace about my past it helped! A lot of my poems are about my feelings about my past I find it easier to put my feelings into poem form hope you like it!!!!

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