A world without you in it!

  A world with outyou in it

What would it be like in a world with out you in it

 if you didn't exist if there wasn't a you how would I fit

If you are not here the trees would have no color to show 

And the sky would be grey and the wind would not blow

Everything would lose it's wonder and wither and crumble

And if your not here then I would be alone and take a tumble

What would it be like in a world with out you in it

All the bees would have no honey to eat and the sun wouldn't shine

To warm everything up and nothing would grow and it wouldnt be fine

All the lakes and oceans would dry up and fish wouldnt be able to swim

The world would lose it's light and be in total darkness no light everything grim

Everyone would be fighting and causing a riot and would all have a fit

So  you see what would happen if this was a world with out you in it.

         Zoey cup



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one a few weeks ago hope you all like it.

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