not made for me! 2015

Not made for me 2015



i've never felt comfortable in the world i see

even as a child i knew this world was not made for me

no one ever cared wheather i was lonely or not

they would chose someone else and leave me to rot

growing up i felt like an invisable girl with no end

and it only got worse and theres no way i will mend

no one sees who i am they only see who they wanna see

and i know with out question this world is not made for me

they never went out of there way to make me smile

never took the time to go that extra mile

my life has been a joke with out a punch line

but no matter what im going to be fine

in the end its me who dont really dare

to find out if anyone really does care

but i will always be here till it is my time not to be

forever i will know this world was is not made for me




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem cuz i sometimes feel like this and life does get me down but i am still a work in progress so im trying to think positive that is what my friend always tells me chin up think positive!  hope you like it!!!


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