Unworthy of your touch! 2015

Unworthy of your touch! 2015



as i sit there thinking of us the tears are flowing way to much

all i can think about is how i'm unworthy of your touch

the first time i felt your tender loving embrace

i thought i was as pretty as roses in a vase

you made me feel special right from the start

that was a feeling i've never felt in my heart

in my mind i was not pretty enough and never thought about it much

I've been so sure in my thinking that i was unworthy of your touch

every day i yurned for your sweet warm caress

so i would feel special and know i passed your test

but you stopped touching me in that special way

it was slow in the beginning then got worse day by day

i felt like a fool pleading and pushing for your attention

that i couldnt see you had distanced yourself without mention

i feel the empty place that you've been in so deep in my being

that i cry day and night with out an end to my weeping

no more will i feel your warm loving embrace and such

and would never again ever be worthy of your touch




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because it was something i've been feelng lately and sometimes writing a poem about it helps hope you all like it


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